Preview of F/W 2008-2009 LV bags, from!

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  1. some photos from of the f/w 08-09 bags.

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  2. I'm torn about the black one and the red one...I sorta like it, but then i'm not so into the BOLD Louis Vuitton written all over it... the last one is cute, but i'm not really a hobo girl, but I would still rock it. the second one i'm torn on b/c of the color, the silver is a bit too silver for me.

    Thanks for posting!
  3. I really like the black bag. The white one is nice too.
  4. oh!! very nice!! thanks for sharing!!
  5. :love:
  6. Love 'em all :love:. My bank account is in trouble!
  7. The first and last one really catch my eye!
  8. ick unfortunately if I wanted a bag that looked like those, id buy a March Jacobs brand bag for much cheaper! very disspointed, they dont even look stunning or anything like LV
  9. Thanks for posting the photos! I feel like I liked the bags way more on the runway. For some reason, they seem too "mature" for me -- maybe the tassels? I hope to see more photos so I can be proven wrong!
  10. not sure how i feel about LOUIS VUITTON LOUIS VUITTON LOUIS VUITTON all of over the bag... i mean at least the monogram is tasteful about it.
  11. Sweet! Thanks so much for posting!
  12. I like 1 ,2 &3!
  13. Thanks for posting it up!

    Im not sure how I feel about those ones, there tassle looks a little Gucci, but I cant wait to see more style as they come out!
  14. None of them are calling my name...yet.
  15. Love the Black many Speedy's are too many for 1 girl to own?????1?,2?,3?,4?