Preview - just a little Epi Corail.....

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  1. I just received these pics from my SA as a preview to the new Corail Epi that is coming out in April. She said the Louise bag and some of the wallets (don't know which ones exactly) will also be coming out in this color. It looks a little bit redder in this pic for some reason - but on my computer, it's more coral. Definitely not a pastel, but a beautiful pinky/coral (think lipstick :biggrin:). Between the Corail Epi and the new Totally DE, I think April at LV will dwindle funds quickly ;)

    I go for a sneak peek Wednesday and will update after my preview!

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  2. love this color!
  3. The corail is SUCH a pretty color :love: Please try to take some pics for us if you can!
  4. I will if they let me :smile:
  5. This looks really beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  6. Yay! Fingers crossed they let you :cool:
  7. Love the coral
  8. Thank you for the pic! It looks very pretty.
  9. Wow, gorgeous!
  10. looks awesome! thanks for sharing!!😘
  11. +1
  12. So Pretty...Congrats!!!
  13. Hey there fashiongal1 I recognize that VIC room! Thanks for the pictures of the Coral. Been waiting to see it. When you get there, just whip out that camera and go to town on the Coral that you get to see. Don't even stop to ask. (It'll be okay). :graucho:
  14. Gotcha!!
  15. very nice :smile: