Preventing pale colours from getting grubby

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  1. Hi girls, can anyone tell me if there are any products that can help prevent pale coloured leathers from getting grubby or picking up dye from clothes? I've just bought a vanilla Brooke and will have to be even more careful with this colour than I am with my lemon Brooke!

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. The best thing you can do is Collonil it to within an inch of its life. I also regularly use a leather nourisher, it seems to help build up a barrier.
    The most important thing is never to let it rub against denim or any clothes where the die is not fast.
    Finally, be really careful with pens - getting ink out is impossible!
    Generally, my bags have to take their chances but I do take more care with lighter bags - I wouldn't put them on the floor in shops etc & I wouldn't let them come into contact with jeans.
    I had an off white bag, used it a lot & it never marked & I definitely didn't treat it with kid gloves.
  3. Thanks Sarahjane - I'll get some nourisher, I colloniled my lemon Brooke to death but it already has a slight blue tinge on the back from jeans. I'm just glad I noticed it before it got a lot worse though! I was shocked really as I thought that the dye in those jeans was really fast, they've been washed loads.

    I've got a VIP purse liner which just fits the Brooke perfectly, so hopefully the inside will stay clean too :smile:
  4. My favourite 3 yr old well worn and faded jeans came off all over the back of my Paddy Loaf in craie. I have never recovered from the trauma, bloody bags just suck it up!
  5. I'm going to use loads of Collonil on my vanilla Roxanne, once she comes out of the dustbag.

    I guess the untreated leather is so porous it does just extract colour from fabric, doesn't it? I'm sure there are loads of posts on this but I'm being lazy so:

    - what is the leather nourisher?
    - do you use it on all darwin bags?
    - isn't Mulberry's advice to not use a nourisher?
    - do you just rub it in to the leather, let it dry and then spray with collonil?
    - how regularly?

    Thanks in advance :tup:
  6. Any non-coloured leather cream is fine. I've a Mulberry one but any decent one will do.
    I ignore what Mulberry say & use it on all my bags as it helps feed the leather rather than just protect them against water.
    Rub it in liberally, leave for a while & buff with a soft cloth. If you're unsure about using it, try it on a small area first & see if you're happy with the result.