Preventing not as described claims

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  1. As a new eBay seller I am very cautious.

    I am currently selling a used authentic designer bag on eBay.

    I am worried that when the buyer receives the item, they may not like it and try to make a claim not as described (it is described very clearly), and then try the feared bait and switch.

    I want to know if there is anything I can do in the meantime in case the claim is made.

    I have thought that I will take photos as I'm packing the bag, and the bag with the customs docs etc.

    Is there anything else I can do?
  2. I would suggest you check other similar listings and get some ideas what needs to be mentioned in the listing. Take a lot of photos, especially the imperfection parts and mention them in your description, including scraches, loose threads, dirt or odor), and give good size measurements. Also tell buyers ask all questions prior bidding since all sales are final.

    Before shipping, attach an id tag with serial numbers and take some photos with date marked to prevent switch or return after usage. Then ship it with tracking and insurance.

    Good luck!
  3. ^^^ Great advice!
  4. Umm, perhaps it's better to describe than ask them to check pics carefully? I do like that :smile:
  5. not much you can do, you can't pervent anyone from telling lies. I am in a bait/switch type of thing currently or could just be buyers remorse, just waiting on PP now.
  6. Any ideas on how to do those ID tags? Can you buy them? I'm selling a bag also and always scares me what can happen.
  7. Yes. The tread taygalchi mentioned has a lot of info.

    I got the Tyvek Wrist Bands from eBay. I heard the stores sell party goods carry them as well. They are colorful ID bands with serial numbers.
  8. I bought and received mine. I apply two on separate parts of the bag. Buyer's Name~Purchase Date~Shipment Date~ and my ebay Username are hand-marked (magic marker) on each individual Tyvek band. For added security I use an ultra-violet pen to place a discreet and unique symbol in bag's interior. I then photograph the bag with security measures in place, cross my fingers, and ship!:p
  9. If you dont accept paypal does that make the bait and switch less appealing?
  10. For a cheaper tagging option, you could also use your local newpapers and cut out the bottom with the newspaper's name and date on the corner and sign it, and wrap it around the handles or something with stickytape...

    Unless they're in the same neighbourhood, then they can't copy that and if you see your signature is not intact, then you know they've taken the tag off..
  11. I describe my items & take anywhere from 8-16 or more photos. I asterisk the item condition in my bullet list and I describe it thoroughly in a paragraph just above my TOS.

    If I have an As Is item, I put that text in red and add it to the returns box - no returns for item condition. Sold As Is.

    I use the tyvek & UV marker.

    If you honestly describe your bag, including cigarette odors, you shouldn't have a problem.

    Make sure you ship the item in a plastic bag, inside an appropriate sized box.

    With the new USPS shipping prices, if you live in the USA, make sure you put the box dimensions in the shipping calculator & use the calculator for shipping. It is costing over $20 to ship a 4 lb briefcase to Canada, using a box that is under the USPS 1 cu. ft standard.