Preventing loss of shape for mini flaps

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  1. Hello ladies and gents. For those of you who have owned mini flaps for a while, what are some things you do to prevent sagging/slouching in the leather? How can you best maintain the rigidity in the shape of the bag? I know lambskin is pretty delicate and stretches with time, but are there methods to prevent this from happening as much as possible? I really dislike the look after loss of shape that I have seen on some of the older bags, especially on the square minis. I currently have a lambskin chevron square mini but don't carry as much as I would like because I don't want the leather to stretch. Any tip/advice that would alleviate my "fear" would be great! Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. like you already mentioned, don't overstuff it. that's the best way to make the shape distort and never come back. i am guilty of that - i overstuffed the square from time to time and the leather stretched out on the sides and bulges. it won't go back to normal. it happened over 5 years though and not right away. i use a cotton t-shirt inside to keep the general shape.
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