Preventing a cold

  1. Yesterday, I noticed that my throat was sore and that I was having a bit of the sniffles. I just started a new job that I love and don't want to use up any of my sick or personal vacation days yet (I plan to take a big vacation in Nov. and next summer), and it's the weekend, so I want to use this time to recover. I don't know if I can stifle the cold at this point, but I want to keep it from getting worse. I plan to sleep a lot and might go out to buy some Jamba Juice Coldbuster. I also have Airborne. Anything else I should try?
  2. Get some cold medicine ASAP! I always use the Zicam nose swabs and those work very good and very fast at preventing and healing colds. Also drink lots of orange juice. It's good for colds. I hope you start to feel better!
  3. You can try echinacea. You can get those at the neighborhood Walgreens or Rite Aid. Drink lots of water, rest, and orange juice. Cold-eeze drops are really good too for your throat but you can't take that within 30 minutes of citrus products. Get lots of rest and just pray that you get better. I should know. I've been sick 6 times in 11 months.
  4. Echinacea works for me. I've heard people swear by Zicam, too. Agree with other posters--stay hydrated and get enough rest.
  5. There are some teas like Yogi Tea has immune system teas. I am not sure if they really work but doesnt hurt to try. its like 4 dollars a box and comes with like 8 teabags maybe?? I am not sure.

    I also put salt into lukewarm water and gurgle it for about 40 seconds. That helps a lot with my sore throat.
  6. i take a high dose vit c, next time, you should get a flu shot, it really works!
  7. Flu shots will do nothing for a cold. Two different viruses.

    As far as how to battle a some research. A few of the remedies mentioned have had not clinical evidence to prove their worth. Some have.
  8. Cod liver oil Get it in pill form. This is a good way to prevent future colds.
  9. Go see a doc. Get some prescription cough syrups. Keep it in your meds cabinet and the next time you feel a cold coming on, have some. That usually does the trick for me everytime. I haven't really been sick for years because I always tend to kill off the virus before it gets worse.
  10. I drink lots and lots of liquid!!!!!! Especially orange juice... and I start taking cold medicine asap, usually at the on set of a cold I'll start taking airborne like you said and jamba juice with the cold boost helps! I think you have it covered, just drink lots of liquids (orange juicy, yum)
  11. Echinacea works wonders, but it's not cold season. Is it possible you are having an allergic reaction to something? Perhaps something at your new job? "Drippy sinuses" can cause your throat to get sore from the irritation and the need to clear your throat more often. The air here in NC is absolutely filthy right now, so my allergies and sinus problems are making my life quite annoying! :crybaby:
  12. Drink tons of liquids and get plenty of sleep. I also felt a sore throat coming on a few days ago and I popped 3 echinacea pills and 2 vitamin C pills, then went to sleep for a few hours. I was sort of on the edge of having a cold for a few days but today I feel fine.
  13. UGH! I hate the winter coming & colds & flus. I take the juice of 4 large oranges squeezed every morning also a multi vitamin tablet. If I feel a cold coming I take echinachea & even more squeezed oranges for a few days, works for me!
  14. Try Emergen-C. It's a fizzy powder you mix with water, citrus flavored and has 1000mg of vitamin C. It's a fast vit C fix and it helps.