Preventative Sculptra? 34F


Nov 24, 2022
I am posting to see if anyone has been pursuing sculptra for preventative measures. I am currently 34 and in my 20s I had a very full, chubby face which I really liked. My face is more elegant in my 30s now but I prefer the chubby face still. So I had my aesthetician suggest getting preventative sculptra. Just wondering what your experiences are with it, if any.


Hi, I had Sculptra injected a few weeks ago. I actually have scleroderma, a connective tissue disease, and my specific type affects the collagen on my face. I've been seeing a board certified dermatologist for over two years, and we have been bulking up my affected cheek with filler. She recommended Sculptra now that we're seeing good progress, so I had it injected on April 29th. It's a newer product and can work to build collagen, so I feel hopeful about it. You might try to see a dermatologist and ask these specific questions. I really trust my doctor and her recommendations.