Prevent Stealing of Pictures?

  1. Is there any way that y'all can prevent someone from stealing the pics we post of our bags? I am asking this because well I have a CRAZY stalker who lurks tPF, steals pictures of me, my bags, and guess what OTHER tPFers bags puts them onto her photobucket account and has done some strange/dellusional/twisted things with mine and my family's and I would hate for someone's beautiful bags to be disgraced that way. I can provide a mod with a link and all necessary information to this individual. I also think that maybe people come on here and steal for eBay and what not (and I know I need to watermark) but it still is disheartening to have someone steal your pics.
  2. i think the only solution, really, is to try and get people to watermark their pics.
  3. there would have to be a right click disable set up and a lot of people know how to get past that anyhow.
    And if we did that, then there's be no more rt clicking on a pic and posting it somewhere else to ask questions about or whatever.
    People have to be responsible for themselves, we've begged people to watermark and sadly, most members here still aren't doing it.
  4. Batgirl- please Pm a mod with this issue

    Other than that... everyone needs to watermark their pictures, but it is up to you and only you to do that :yes:
  5. I personally watermark with "For use on the Purse Forum only."
  6. Yup, I had a picture of my Chanel earrings stolen from a group on myspace before I started watermarking. They were on eBay..the seller cropped out one of the pairs, then drew an arrow in Paintshop to the pair they were "selling." Those things were up over $200 at one point before they were taken down! I now make a habit of doing a few searches on different sites to make sure my pictures aren't making the rounds anywhere. Now anyone who tries to steal my pictures will pay to the fullest because I report them to anyone and everyone I can think of.