Prevent LV wallet/coin compartment from getting dirty..?

  1. Have you ever thought of lining the inside of your LV wallet (especially the coin compartment) with some paper to prevent the interior from getting dirty? What do you think of that? Anyone have any idea to prevent it from getting dirty? I think in this forum said to use Scotch Leather guard. :confused1:
  2. idea to prevent coin pocket from getting dirty: using clean coins.. or no coins at all.

    i'm sorry, but this thought just baffles me.. it's a coin compartment, so it's inevitable?
  3. ^^I was just about to say that. Double check all the coins you get and make sure to not put in any brown or rusty looking ones :lol:
  4. Use it! Don´t keep it locked up just because of your afraid it´s getting dirty.
  5. Completely agree. This is why I don't have an expensive wallet yet. I'd be so anal about keeping it clean.
  6. I dont worry about it, if it gets too dirty it can be wiped out.

    I have this wallet
    [​IMG][​IMG]and it tends to get dirty but i just wipe it out with windex and paper towel
  7. Whats the point of having coin compartment and not using it!.. i would say use it as well.... If it gets dirty beyond repair.. its a sign to buy a new style and a new wallet :flowers:
  8. You read my mind!!!:nuts: It's a wallet!!! If you worry about the coin compartment getting dirty from the coins, get one of many great looking mono wallets (the inside is brown and won't show any dirt:idea:).
  9. i actually love coin compartments on wallets- it's the best thing about the french purse. i've always used my coin compartment and i haven't found that it gets dirty. if it did, i would just wipe it with a baby wipe or something!
  10. For some reason I dont use my coin section of my change just gets thrown into whatever bag I carry that day, then at the end of the day my change is tossed into a jar. Some of my wallets have sold on ebay at great prices because I didnt use the coin section.
  11. Well some of you may laugh, but I have the LV pochette wallet and I don't put money in it. I just can't! I have tons of CC cards and receipts and calling cards etc that I carry with me that go in my pochette wallet. I am going to buy a coach zip top wristlet (or something similar) to put cash and change in.
  12. I say use it as it was intended and enjoy it!

    There's no reward for getting to old age with a bunch of pristine looking items that were never used and loved! :smile:
  13. I think if you have a monogram wallet, it's really easy to clean the coin compartment. I've used the coin compartment in my french purse for a year nonstop, it was dirty but i cleaned it right off using a cloth and leather cleaner. I would imagine that a baby wipe would be good for this purpose.

    I would just use the wallet for what it's intended for. If your wallet is a lighter vernis, I think the inside could still be cleaned the same way..maybe just more often so the dirt doesn't set in.
  14. :yes: Agree
    I say use it and enjoy !
  15. LOL!!!!! :lol: That's me too! I have EVERYTHING in my wallet except cash!