1. hi everyone

    has anyone here used the prevage range by elizabeth arden?
    what did you think of it?

  2. It smells so bad (to me) I just couldn't use it.

    I also tried that new treatment made with coffeeberry, supposed to be even better than Prevage. That smelled even worse! I was able to send it back, even opened. The product line is called RevaleSkin.
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prevage eye cream. I will take it to my grave. It has the best consistancy in the world!
  4. Actually, the eye cream didn't smell bad, but the face cream - ugh!
  5. I'm so glad to have read that....I was really interested in it. good. one less thing to buy.
  6. how much is the eye cream? I think the price for the face cream is pretty crazy.
  7. I dont notice any smell...i did however notice that my laugh lins are gone and my forehead is wrinkle free.
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    _well, everyone's nose is different (LeeC didn't notice it) , but they definitely haven't added any coverip fragrance.

    It is supposed to be SO incredibly effective, maybe it is worth the smell :shrugs:

    But not for me!

    Myabe you can find somewhere to buy it that it can be returned. I cannot for the life of me remember where I bought it or the coffeeberry stuff. If I find them, I'll post it. Now I can't remember for sure which one was returnable even opened. It was a website, and the store was located in CA somewhere.
  9. Yes, sepora and elizabeth arden will take it back eveb if openned if you are dissatisfied. My cousin hates the smell too. I dont smell anything. Wierd, lol.
  10. I recently read a ood review for the Prevage day moisturizer with SPF and ordered it from Sephora. I've used it about a week and don't expect to see results yet but I do not like the way it feels on my skin--almost greasy!

    I think it's going back to Sephora.