Pretty windows at Saks

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  1. :love: These are perty.

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  2. Thanks for posting those are beautiful!!! I am in San Francisco, last year the saks windows here were great, compairable to those, but this year for some reason they had nothing like that, they were just manniquins with clothes, dissapointing.
  3. Wow, those are beautiful! Thanks for posting those!
  4. Wow! :nuts: :love:
  5. Very nice.. I've never actually been to Saks.. :shame:

  6. That is crazy!!! I can not imagine my life without Saks, or NM! Where do you live?
  7. We underlings have Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy's, it's really, really sad. I hate shopping here!:evil:
  8. Same place as Star.. the frigid north (Canada). :lol:
  9. The weather was brutal here today, breathing white air.:sad:
  10. Augh.. that's rough. Come to Toronto, it was a beautiful boxing day today and very mild ! :smile:
  11. I know you Torontonian's have it so much better,it's like the carribean compared to here and I have to speak french too!
  12. Haha.. I wouldn't describe it as quite like the Caribbean ! :lol:

    And hey, your French is probably far better than mine, since I pretty much only took the requirements and dropped it after 10th Grade. I really regret it now, especially since getting around certain parts of Europe will be that much harder with my mauvais grasp of French ! :Push:
  13. Yes, I agree when I am in Paris I feel great how I impress my friends, but the reality of life here - how it is imposed on the english is crazy. There are no signs aloud in English, movies in french first.... blah bla blabiddy bla blah....I feel like I am in the States when I visit T.O. Your shopping is incredible compared to ours. I always end up getting my LV's from T.O.
  14. Montreal does have a different feel to it, I went several years ago during the summer and it just felt so festive and nice.. and tamtams at Mt. Royale was.. erm, "unique" to say the least ! :lol:

    It's really strange how Quebec is quite different from other parts of Canada in that way, there aren't too many other countries that just kind of switch from one language to another like that.

    And I do love the Holt Renfrew on Bloor, as well as the Louis Vuitton store just down the street ! :love:
  15. Oh my g-d Tam Tams were my life on Sundays once if you know what I mean,Ha,ha. Great place for partying! Complete bohemian then!:lol: