Pretty spring dresses: post what you can't wait to buy!

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  1. My pick:

    Alberta Ferretti!
  2. i'd love to buy the anthropologie dresses but they sell them only in usa :sad:
  3. Divina, where are you? The website doesn't ship internationally?
  4. I want to have a Diane von Fürstenberg dress. They are so comfy and elegant. I can't wait that this horrible winter is over. I just hate it so much!!
  5. i live in rome and london and unfortunately they don't ship to europe :cry:
  6. dresses....thats allllllll I wear!!!! We are going out to VA next week and I get to wear jeans!!! First time this winter! okay back to the topic....Love Dv...always flattering, dresses are to me are like many labels and so many GREAT brands!!!! Also loving tunics right now!! Nordstroms has great spring dresses, also NM, and bloomies....
  7. I used to work at Anthropologie a few years back, and I know for a fact that we've delivered the items overseas. I think the catalog doesn't, but you should try calling a store. I remember we had customers from the UK who purchased a ton of stuff and wanted us to ship it to them, and we processed it. It's worth a shot if you really like something, but keep in mind that not everything online/catalog is in stores.
  8. suli thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    and do they deliver in italy?? i am now in rome!!
  9. i just go this one:


    it was $78 from JCrew. they have several other cute sundresses i'd like to get. i'm all about dresses for spring.
  10. Hey Amanda!

    I want to buy that dress, too. My local store only had large sizes, I'll have to wait for them to restock. I think I want to white/pink one.
  11. Omg!!! I loveee that dress!!! :love: :love:
  12. Too cute! :love: I am going to have to check out JCrew. I've never ordered anything from them before.
  13. it's quite pretty in pink! based on the pics you've posted of yourself, i think the pink would look great on you, but i'm kinda pasty so i went for the darker color to create more of a skin/dress contrast. it's such a versatile dress and the price is beyond fabulous! particularly for something that's 100% silk. it also looks cute worn as a long skirt (there's a tag on the dress that explains the million ways its supposed to be worn, lol).
  14. You'd have to call and ask...I really don't know what their policy is now. Good luck!
  15. IntlSet :nuts: love the dress! And i can think about right now is winter clothes (hehehe)