Pretty Rouge 05 FIRST/Classique $1195 BIN!

  1. The color is stunning. The bag looks a little crispy though, no? I love the color but I am not sure if the texture is the right kind for me. But everyone has such individual tastes so I am sure the right future owner will find this wonderful!

    BTW, do we know who the powerseller was that sold this to her?
  2. I can't get a handle on the 05 Rouge. I have a feeling this is when the leather started to change but wasn't Marron released during the same season? I do love the color though...wish I could see something in person.
  3. very pretty. but agree the leather looks thin!
  4. i had a rouge city before that CAME with thin crackly leather.. but after a couple of times use.. it got much smooshier... and the veins lessened... so i think this won't be a problem..

    now i'm trying to convince my DH i need this.. hahaha
  5. :yes:
  6. ^ marron is 04 though, and this is 05... 2005 (particularly f/w) is when the leather started changing