Pretty Rouge '03 first on ebay....

  1. It looks beautiful and the color is TDF :love:
  2. ohhh winona77 really wants one!
  3. hey girls...we're discussing this on on the end of winona's rouge 03 dream bag has a C on the tag so we're all wondering about it...
  4. Thanks Varsha! Will hop over there and get caught up...
  5. This is the same seller that had the 2002 black first up earlier this week that I was thinking of bidding on (but that someone else did BIN on but won't admit :P ) - and who has a sky blue city up for auction too.

    She's having a firestorm b-bag sale this week!:wtf:
  6. sorry for posting another thread on this one MiMi-girl, i didn't realize it was about the same bag :crybaby:...when found it on e-bay just now i got a little over-excited about it & posted in a frenzy :girlsigh:
  7. ^ no aaa, I'm so silly - I messed up, forgive me!!!!!! :smile: it IS a totally different bag, I need some sleep... sorry again everyone :blush:
  8. looks like someone bought this one....anyone here?
  9. What is the link? I would love to see the pictures!

    Thank you
  10. ohhh no..its gone already...
  11. If it is from 03, why is there a "C" on the interior tag?

    Regards :smile:
  12. my oh my i have let go of my 2 2003 bags(red and green classic) because of all these mess. I hope someone will be able to tell for sure what REALLY is the deal with these tags:hrmm: :shocked: :hysteric: