Pretty Please...Post Your **PEWTER HW** (PH) Babes Club


Oct 2, 2013
I've been drooling in this thread for years over all of your amazing bags and finally got a HG today, a pristine Weekender from 2003 with Pewter. Please let me introduce a pile of the softest fluffy leather, and my black pewter family.

This is one of the most heavenly B piles I've ever seen! I an green with envy::roflmfao:
I only have one PH bag. I so want more......:graucho:


Dec 11, 2008
This is one of the most heavenly B piles I've ever seen! I an green with envy::roflmfao:
I only have one PH bag. I so want more......:graucho:

Hihi, thanks :flowers: - what's up with the green.....are you obsessed by green ?? :smile:

Oh yes, so do I - I love hunting them, it's a huge part of it for me. I can't afford to by at consignment stores or when they are pristine or mint, so the hunting game will continue for many years to come :tup:.


May 13, 2014
Thank you so much, Clarie!

I have posted my collection thread below. Don't know if you've seen it.

Your wish list is great. All of the ones you are searching for are the most basic and therefore would make a perfect collection. It took me about two years to find them all. From March 2010 to July 2012. I haven't bought a bag since, except for one structured Delvaux to round things out.

I found almost everything through Ebay, Bonanza and Real Deal Collections. I attribute my ability to acquire these to several factors.

1. Researching on tPF extensively so that when I saw something I could act quickly without needing to post on the authentication thread.

2. Getting on ebay first thing in the morning. I got the Olive Brown bag (mint) within minutes of it being posted. It looked bad in the photos and the color was off and had the wrong date. I just looked at the metal plate, the hardware and the look of the leather and asked for a BIN. It was on ebay for less than 10 minutes.

3. Asking people who where listing oldies if they had the specific bag I was looking for. I got the 04 True Red City this way. The seller of a bag I did not want said she thought her friend might want to sell her True Red City. A few months later I got an email with images and a price.

4. Telling the retailers what you are looking for. I hounded Corey at RDC mercilessly for 04 Grey, 03 Caramel.

5. Willingness to pay more than the next person. My mint 03 red clutch sat for a week on ebay with bidders. I feel that mint oldies (01-05) are worth more than new retail prices. So I put my high bid in at the last seconds and of course, won the bag....for a good deal less that I was willing to pay.

So, I hope you find them. The hunt is really fun. I miss it. It brought out all my primitive predatory instincts.

oldies collection 2003-2004-2005 (images pp 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 21)

Hi! Thank you so much for your helpful response, and sorry for my late answer, I've been busy taking care of a new little kitty, he's so messy! I have to hide away all my bags very well to avoid them from being destroyed by the little troublemaker :panic: ha ha

I agree with you that oldies are worth paying more for. I'm not much for the new Balenciaga styles, the old bags are special, they are more hobo like and have vintage feeling to them which I love. My favorite bags of all time is the Balenciaga classic city and the Prada fringe tote from 2007 - I guess fringes and tassels appeals to me :girlsigh:

I still search through all those sites everyday, yet I have not spot anyone on my list. But I can contribute to this thread by posting pics on my Balenciaga Seafoam 2004 I bought pre-owned a while ago. The green color is so saturated and still feels neutral which is so weird and awesome, haha.

Yeah the hunting is fun, but also frustrating sometimes; feels like these bags will never pop up anywhere, they are all so rare. Can't wait to find the olive brown 03, dark caramel 03 and grey 04. Your bags looks so beautiful! I'm practically drooling over your pictures. Though I've been hunting for a marron 2004 the longest... Which per se doesn't have pewter hardware, but the color looks so gorgeous. I bought a Castagna from 2010 just because I was tired searching for the 04 marron. That I regret! Guess patience is very important too. I'll probably sell my Castagna when I find one on my list, but one good thing is that I've felt the agneau leather and been able to compare with chèvre and so on.

Again, thanks for your help! I'll keep drooling and searching :drool::search:

Seafoam 04 City:


Jun 25, 2014
Here is my beloved 03 Light Caramel City :smile:

If not because of Maxxout, i wouldn't know that this baby is So So rare . I don't usually post or do a reveal on my bag. But feeling proud to do it now :graucho:


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