Pretty picture

  1. I just saw this pic in an article and I had to share.. I love the contrast between the myrtille epi (my fav LV colour) and the various other lines. :nuts:

  2. :love: :love: :love:
  3. wow! i love it!
  4. And that is called store design -- someone was paid a LOT of money to come up with that.
  5. That is a beautiful picture! What was the article about?
  6. i LOVE how they throw in the damier!
  7. very pretty...thanks for sharing!
  8. Ooh la la! I wish that was my closet :love: Thanks for sharing the pic!
  9. ooh i spy a pont neuf. those are never on display!

    just beautiful. i love LV displays. they always have the best line combonations. :love:
  10. WOW!! Makes me want a the myrtille epi color!!
  11. pretty.....
  12. beautiful! LV is just a work of art!
  13. OMG:wtf: i love blue :yahoo: :love: so pretty
  14. I agree, it's stunning!!!:graucho:
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