Pretty pics...

  1. is it possible for you to use our attachments tool?
  2. I tried to use attachment and it said the files were too big...are the pics showing up for you?
  3. no, I don't see them and at the size it says they are they're not close to being too big.:nogood:
    Are they jpegs?
  4. shoot, I don't know what is the problem then...yes they are jpeg...maybe I could email them to you and you could try to post...
  5. Your file of 288.4 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 195.3 KB for this filetype.

    this is the message i get when i try to attach
  6. all of them show here that they are 156, 141, 144 & 155 kbs though {?}
  7. maybe you can try to upload the photos to any online photo album, then save the photos from there back to your computer. The photos will be in smaller size.
  8. okay, trying that
    47b7d726b3127ccebabebe647ad400000020108AZtmbFw2Zt7.jpg 47b7d726b3127ccebabebe587ae800000020108AZtmbFw2Zt7.jpg 47b7d726b3127ccebabebe547ae400000020108AZtmbFw2Zt7.jpg 47b7d726b3127ccebabebe73fbf300000020108AZtmbFw2Zt7.jpg 47b7d726b3127ccebabebe6a7ada00000020108AZtmbFw2Zt7.jpg
  9. yeah ceci!!! that worked!
  10. Thanks for sharing...
  11. awww...i can't enlarge them though:sad:
  12. Even little Chanel pictures - give way to big temptations!!:p
  13. thanks for posting! :drool:
  14. Oh... nice!!