Pretty Piccadilly Rehab!

  1. Hi everyone!

    My Mulberry Piccadilly arrived today - looking a little sorry for herself!

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  2. This is the current situation...

    Stay tuned... ;)
  3. Update... She survived the bath, and is now stuffed with old towels drying! Although I did have to change the water a few times as it was rather dirty! I will be sure to post an update when she has dried out a bit more. :smile:
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  4. You are a pro at this now! Looking forward to the reveal
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  5. Update... I had a little bit of free time, so I decided to use this wisely! She is still wet, so this won't be the colour when dried. I have also applied a layer of Collonil 1909 at this stage to ensure that the leather does not dry out too much through the initial drying process. I will be repeating this step as the bag does continue drying. :smile::flowers:
  6. She looks like a different bag already :smile:
  7. Oh my word, you are the bag rehab queen!

    Keep us posted - looks good so far!
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  8. Thank you! She most definitely is; she is drying lovely! I will post another update on how the leather is drying tomorrow. I can begin to see her 'oak-ey' colour shining through again! :smile::flowers:
  9. I'm honoured, thank you! :flowers:

    I love breathing life back into beautiful bags that deserve to be loved and used! :hbeat:
    I will be sure to post lots of updates and pics! :smile::flowers:
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  10. This looks amazing already!
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  11. I am so excited to see how she'll look when done with the whole process :panic:
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  12. Thanks you! She definitely benefited from a jolly good wash!

    I am super excited too! She is currently sunning herself on the washing line!
  13. Miss Oak Piccadilly sunning herself whilst drying on the washing line! :coolio: ☀️ (P.S - Don't worry, I am keeping a close eye on her whilst I am getting some work done whilst enjoying the sunshine! ;)) :flowers:

    I will apply another layer of Collonil 1909 to her this evening. :smile:
  14. She’s looking lovely, just needs her suntan cream! Weather isn’t beautiful today..finally
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  15. Collonil doubles up as suntan cream - right? :lol::giggle:

    Thank you - She's still a little wet inside, and I have a bit of work to do to the suede behind the postman's lock plate. I may also apply some Collonil shoe cream in Oak to bring back the vibrancy of the leather. :smile::flowers:

    The weather is gorgeous! I do hope it lasts into the weekend so I can enjoy it properly!