Pretty peeved...can SA's do this???

  1. A month ago I told my SA at Neiman Marcus that I was looking for a Chanel black baby cabas...she said that there were 20 coming in to the store and that they would be arriving soon...and she pretty much guaranteed that I would get one.

    Well, she calls me yesterday and left me a message saying that it's "next to impossible" to get a baby cabas, and that the waiting list is in the hundreds. She then went on to say that I have a 5% chance of getting one. Then she proceeds to say that a new Chanel bag has come in, she thinks I would like it, and proceeds to charge it on my credit card to reserve it for me, without my permission!! WTH!!! :cursing:

    I guess this is standard operating procedure for limited pieces that come in, and I would understand if she did this for a bag that I specifically asked for. But i never saw this bag, and don't even know what it's not the bag I asked for! She's done this before too...I asked her if she could keep her eye out for a Balenciaga in a past season color that might come in as a return...2 weeks later, I get a call from her that she had a bag for me that "wasn't the color, but very similar" and charged it on my card! I came in to look at it, thanked her for her troubles, but told her I didn't want it.

    I appreciate that she goes out of her way to secure bags for me, but I don't like that she charges bags that I DON'T want on my card without my permission.

    Am I wrong to feel this way?
  2. Depends on how big your limit is... but all jokes aside it would def annoy me as well. And just think she has all your card info. That would bother me more.
  3. no!

    i don't care if it's a NM SA or a walmart one, no one can charge your card without YOUR permission!

    and it isn't really good for your CC if you have charges and returns on it a lot, that's why there is a feature called void, for mistakes made, it won't screw with your billing statement
  4. no one touches my cc without my permission! what nerve! I'm sorry but it sounds to me like its just her method of pressuring you into a sale. I have had things held for me in dept stores without them having to charge my card. that is b.s.

    if they can't wait for you - then tough turds! no bag is worth that security risk.
  5. that's another thing, she shouldn't have your CC info on 'file'

    if there's an established relationship and you let her, then that's ok (i would then strongly advise you not to, particularly for this SA who doesn't seem to do what you want)

    but i would never let a company have my CC info on file, and they shouldn't either.

    even though it annoys my customers i ask them for their payment info each time, and i shred that paper to bits each time

    that's how it should be,

    a minute to say and jot down the info or slide that card isn't a big deal, it's better then having your info floating out there.
  6. My SAs do that for me when a hot bag comes in, but usually talk to me first. The put it on my NM or Saks cc so they can hold it for me until I can get there. Otherwise, another SA will grab it for their customers.
  7. She had NO right to charge a bag to your CC that you didnt ask for! If I was her boss I would fire her ass. Seems like she is trying to boost her daily quota at your expense. I would complain as loud as I could to whoever would listen. Then find another SA. It doesnt seem like she has your best interest at heart.
  8. um...i don't have much experience with relationships with SAs, but my gut instinct is...NO. this is completely wrong. beyond wrong - illegal.

    it's one thing for her to hold a bag for you, even if it's not exactly what you've asked for, but to actually charge it on your card...that's an unauthorized charge, pure and simple. your credit card company could come after her for illegally using your card, even if her intention was to use it on your behalf.

    i can understand the benefit of her keeping your information on file, but i'd seriously recommend talking to her and/or her manager (if she doesn't get the message), or switching SAs, to stop this situation.

    good luck!
  9. I would just politely let her know that you do not want anything charged on your cc without your permission.....
  10. Get a new card. She won't be able to misuse your (current) credit card again.

    And let her know that you don't want anything charged on your cc without your permission. Invent a hubby who goes through your credit card statements or something...
  11. I would suggest you take that credit card number OFF FILE and give her your cell phone number to obtain prior authorization.

    We all understand the desire for a bag...but protect your credit history.
  12. I'm not normally a high end bag buyer. I love them, they're just out of my price range usually.

    I agree with the poster who said that her gut instinct is that it's wrong. I feel the exact same way. NO ONE should charge your card for anything without your express permission. Unless sometime in the past you gave her blanket permission to charge whatever she thinks you might like on her card, then there is no way she should have done that. I would absolutely speak to whomever her supervisor is. That kind of thing is not okay.

    I just bought my first Chanel bag at NM a week or so ago. She was able to locate it for me without payment even though that particular one was hard to find now. She held it for me when it came in without any kind of payment, and without it being charged to my card first.

    When I decided I didn't want that one, but another one, then she made me pay for it first before she ordered it, but I was told upfront about that.

    I know relationships with SA's are supposed to be very valuable when it comes to high end bags, but I would not trust anybody who has a history and a habit of doing that.
  13. I don't think she should have to do that. If the SA is going to be angry with her for not wanting her to buy stuff for her without her permission, then she needs to find a new SA, not sneak about and cancel her card and then lie about why she doesn't want that to happen.

    I would think anybody should understand a person being uncomfortable with their card being charged without their permission.
  14. While it is common practice to give an SA your cc info for them to charge when a bag comes in to hold it, it should only be for bags you expressly chose, not ones she "think you may like". I would tell her that you don't feel comfortable with the situation and to not charge things on your card without your prior permission.
  15. Sure. I was about to suggest getting a new SA myself, but then thought that maybe the OP's relationship with the SA was important to her (maybe finding a new SA would mean that she gets less access to new bags for a while). I would certainly be uncomfortable with the situation the OP had.