Pretty, patent MJs!

  1. At NM yesterday, I came across just the cutest patent MJ bags. They had an Elise and the large, smooshy clutch with the matching oversized stones in a soft, pale aqua/turquoise blue color. The color is so soft and pretty that it instantly calmed me down amongst all the Neimans pre-sale craziness! They also had the bags in other shiny, spring colors. But the blue ... :love:.

    What other styles can I find in that patent pale aqua? I looked on the Elise tag, but can't remember the official color name. And the MJ site is just not user friendly! I've been on the phone with an MJ store, and they are surprised to hear that styles in the store are not on the site yet! Anyway, anyone with any additional info on this color? Styles available? Name? Why it has this effect on me!??! :shame:
  2. it sounds like you're describing the fergie clutch

    in bright blue

  3. They have those bags (in a few different styles) at one of my local Nordstrom. I saw them right after Christmas. They are gorgeous and everyone was stopping to look at them and pick them up. They had the clutch, but they also had a few other styles. All patent with the studs. Really beautiful, standout bags.
  4. I love the look of the bright blue for spring especially.
  5. Yes! It was the fergie clutch. Thanks for IDing the style and color name. Didn't see any of the patchwork bright blue bags. They only had the clutch and a few other styles in the smooth, patent bright blue. The clutch was super cute, but that Elise was just dreamy! So perfect for spring or on holiday with a cute shift dress and large Jackie O. sunglasses! Meeting my equally dreamy BF for lunch! Ok ... back to reality! It's not yet spring, no vacations planned yet for 08, and uh, yeh, no BF! :shame:

    But that's the power of a gorgeous bag! I can always get the bag, right?!
  6. I love the studs on that... I was surprised to see how big these were IRL.
  7. I saw some patent Blakes at Neiman Marcus! Couldn't believe it. Never saw a Blake in patent before.

    I love the Blake, and I love patent, but I was undecided on the combo, at least in the two or three colors I saw.
  8. ^ that's the price of a quilted zip clutch. i didn't realize patent leather was that expensive...