pretty offensive stuff

  1. Hey,
    I just wanted to let Megs and Vlad know that in the Celeb. Section on the Lauren Conrad thread when you click some of the pics to open them there are some pretty crude "Ads" for questionable websites (under the pics) :wtf:. One of the pages is 25 post #361. It comes up from imageavenue.....? Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!
  2. next time if you use our "Report this Post!" feature we'll get it faster:yes:
    That comes right to our e-mail boxes, where as in this Forum, if we don't check in here, we'll miss it or not catch it early enough.

    Thanks! Off to look!
  3. saw it. . . not sure if there's anything we can really do. . .
    Vlad, Megs?
  4. We can't do anything about advertisements that show up on sites other than our own.
  5. For links linking out on any subforum the OP or anyone else can mention that some images may not be suitable for everyone or rate the link/pictures a PG13/R/whatever..