pretty new dustbags!

  1. i haven't bought a coach purse for some time, but i just bought one for my fiancee's mom. it was a new style dust bag - a silky material. luvs it! it reminded me of gucci's old dust bags. thumbs up for me :smile:
  2. I was wondering about that. I had the brown w/ red trim for my 1st two purchases and the most recent buys at the Coach Outlet came in the silky new bag. I assumed it was an outlet thing. I like them too :tup:
  3. Yep, my gold signature stripe has one like that.
  4. Anyone have a picture of one?
  5. Attracts dog hair like a magnet though!
  6. Here is mine, I got it last year I think september. It came with the silky dustbag!

  7. Yup, those came out last summer.
  8. Yeah they changed those quite a while ago, I love them! :tup: