pretty Mulberry Smithfield bag in *green*

  1. This Mulberry bag appears in an ad in the May issue of Vogue....


    Mulberry Smithfield Vogue 1.JPG Mulberry Smithfield Vogue 2.JPG
  2. wow!Nice bags!Thank you!
  3. Mulberry always does well with me, but I think these are winter colours. I guess in the world of fashion, a May issue of a magazine is already thinking about Autumn though!
  4. LOVE! Thanks for posting these.
  5. Love the bag and the color...congratulations & enjoy!
  6. :nuts::drool:

    b-e-a-utiful! That's one of my favourite colours
  7. Beautiful :heart:
  8. Very nice!!!
  9. OOh, pretty! :smile:!!
  10. Love it:smile:
  11. I love the side tassel, the colors not as much.
  12. I'm not keen but then I guess I'm just not used to seeing Mulberry in such strong colours. Think both those would be hard to wear although they are designed for the winter.
  13. Gorgeous- I love the design and the colours!!!
  14. Ladies !!!! It's GOING to be winter again eventually !!! I love the green !!!
  15. very nice :heart: