pretty . little . summer . dresses

  1. So it's that time of year when I'm just dying to start wearing pretty and summery dresses. Unfortunately I live in Michigan, and we still have snow :cursing: . But that doesn't mean I can't shop ahead! So I thought I'd start a thread where people could share the best websites for grabbing great little sundresses (sites other than the obvious - NM, Saks, etc.).

    One of the sites with pretty.pretty dresses that I stumbled upon is They have gorgeous confections like the one below:


    Okay, so this one isn't for every day, but so cute!

    What are your favorite sites?
  2. over the top! but cute!!
  3. That is not my taste at all....I LIVE in dresses, (I live in the tropics) that dress would be a NIGHTMARE in the humid sun!! Not my taste!
  4. OMG, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for that website & I couldn't for the life of me remember the designers name!

    I loooooove her dresses! But, I don't have any sites to reccomend you sorry.
  5. Hahhaha... i saw the picture and was expecting something outta pac sun... and was like- what?? and then i see the .. okay .. not for everyday and i laughed SO HARD
  6. I also just found this perfect little dress from (heading there tomorrow!!):

  7. I'm in Chicago and I cannot stop myself from buying little summer dresses although it's freezing outside and will remain freezing cold until April. I just bought a little white shirt-dress today.

    I LOVE the first dress you posted!
  8. I love little summer dresses! :amuse: I love dresses in general. :p My favorite dresses are DVF, BCBG and Anthropologie.
  9. I'm lusting this dress...don't know when I'll be wearing this never know :shrugs:
  10. All of her dresses seem totally impractical, but I still want one of each!!
  11. Lilly Pulitzer, BCBG, Laundry
  12. I got 2 really cute dresses at anthropologie today! They have some nice ones on sale.
  13. Sorry, I don't like the first dress! I LOVE summer dresses, it is so much fun to dress in all the cute clothes available. I can't even choose one favourite.
  14. It is a little over the top but I like that look on others.
  15. Love dresses !
    I have a passion for shirtdresses, they are easy, the shirt opening and collar is soooo classy, classic and sexy. I don´t know if it´s the uniform style (nurse or something) but guys go gaga over these.
    Here are 3, from Trina Turk, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. Ralph Lauren has this cool 60´s classic american vibe, but I tend to wear the other styles more.
    fab_57.jpg MichaelKors.jpg ralphLauren.jpg