Pretty Little Liars *NO BOOK SPOILERS*

  1. The last episode felt like yet another filler. Although i really do not know what to make of Cici but i do not trust her, i do not even feel confident that the e-mail that Spencer recieved about college was legit...
    Strange that they bought Ezra's brother and the Kahn brothers back into it, i wonder if the writers are trying to steer us away from the real 'A' or if they are putting us right on track...
  2. yess! i love jenna :biggrin: can't wait to (hopefully) see more of her this season.
  3. I liked this episode compared to last 2 weeks! It picked up momentum. Nate seems really shady to me but I wish they showed more Alison flashbacks, I feel like the Alison storyline kind of faded. There is also a lot of unanswered questions the producer said they would address this season like who did Jenna meet in the park? she must have some involvment somehow and how did Mona manage to know everything about the girls? ahh just little things that doesn't make much sense! Wren is so cute, I really hope he isn't A. He is good eye candy haha.
  4. I really liked last season and that's when I started watching PLL and got hooked. This season I'm not as interested and I feel like the show is just all over the place and it doesn't flow well. There are soooo many characters that come and go and some that are just so random and unnecessary. I also feel like each of the liars are spinning off into their own little show because there has been so much focus on what's going on in their own personal lives than working together to find out who A really is.

    Maybe I'm just getting impatient and feel like the show is just dragging right now. It's also annoying that they haven't figured out who killed Allison and then the writers threw in Maya's murder.
  5. Aah that last episode was really kinda spooky!!! Who was the person (people?) that shut Emily and Hanna in the kabin? Why is there even a hidden room in the kabin in the first place? and why was Mya apparently staying there? So many questions and so little answers. But i think that we can at least rule Garrett out as a suspect for Mya's murder...
    What i don't understand is the liars being in posession of Mya's belongings and proof that she was at the least visiting that kabin and yet they didn't hand it in to police who could run it through forensics, they are tampering with evidence and removing it from a very nearby scene of a crime!!
    Nate is dodgy, i don't understand why Emily kissed him for so long, and why on earth did Paige feign being ill instead of just confronting Emily with what she saw??? Seems like Emily is bad when it comes to choosing love interests...
    Ella is so sweet, i really hope it works out with Zack, they seem cute together and she deserves to be happy.
    I like Hanna with both Caleb and Wren. It seems like she is made for Caleb though so i am hoping that Caleb does not see them doing anything inappropriate.
    Oh and why did Noel even send Spencer that tape? It all seems so odd to me.
  6. Yes, I don't get why Noel sent that video to Spencer. Maybe he was helping Maya by letting her stay there at the cabin.
  7. He sent her the tape because I think Noel was trying to prove that he wasn't Maya's killer because Spencer was getting suspicious that he was a suspect so that eliminates Noel, Jenna and Garrett.

    I think Nate killed Maya and Alison's missing body will be addressed next season!
  8. I agree about Nate. He was too in to Maya to be just her cousin, he remembered what she was wearing and what earrings she wore at specific times...a cousin, especially a guy doesn't pay that close attention unless he's a stalker or something.
  9. Yep, that definitely sounds borderline creepy for a cousin.

    IMO this week's episode was better than last week's. There seems to be some progress in the storyline.
  10. After this episode, i am positive Nate is Maya's killer and the guy that was stalking her. The way he reacted at the coffee shop to Jenna shows he has a temper and doesn't like getting rejected. I think Noel was letting Maya stay at his cabin so she could hide from Nate. I also think that is the reason why she was gonna run away to san francisco, to get away from him.

    What i don't understand is why Noel didn't send that tape to the authorities..
  11. I have a feeling that Ezra's ex-gf kept the baby.
  12. Me too! I just watched the latest episode. I still want to know what the heck is the story on Jenna? She is in the middle of everything. Also after everything these girls have gone through, why do they not carry weapons of their own? Or at least escape tools.

    I can't help but think if Spencer ever became a lawyer she would give her mom a run for her money LOL.

    I like Hannah with Caleb, or Wren. As long as its not some preppy buy from school like Noel, or the other Guy she dated.

    Nate for sure has an agenda, but I feel like it would be too easy too think he killed Mya. Or would it? I thought it would be too easy to think of Mona as A. Mya did tell Emily last season she had a Guy problem. He could also be living out of a hotel room, and is old enough to drink vodka. I assume.
  13. +1
    I think Nate is the guy from True North that Maya was seeing when she was on a break with Emily.

    I think Allison's missing body will be discovered for the spring season finale.

    Also, I keep reading on the internet that this show will have a total of 4 seasons. I really hope so. I mean, remember Gossip Girl? That show started off as so interesting and all of a sudden derailed into a big train-wreck! So much bad acting, loopholes, and horrible plots/sub-plots galore!
  14. ^whaa? Noo i love this show i don't want it to end:sad:
  15. As much as I love PLL, I would hate for it to go in the direction that gossip Girl went. I agree, that show was good for the first two or so seasons and then I have no clue what happened it was such a mess. I can see that happening to PLL if they don't just end it after 4 or 5 seasons.