Pretty little ladies, all in a row...

  1. For some reason I never posted when my rouge and orange Herbag arrived, and I had another addition join us today: a natural toile bottom. :love:

    The rouge has never been used (you hear that RBB? Never. Been. Used. She is waiting until she goes on vacation to Redneck Land to make her debut. :wlae: ), so that explains her stiffness.

    So, here they all are:


    Please excuse the grotty table. :shame: My cats use it as a launching pad and often miss their mark, thus it looks a little worse for wear. :cursing:

    A humble collection, to be sure...but all mine. I love them!!:heart:
  2. wow, the rouge and orange sure stands out! :heart::heart::heart:
  3. very nice!!! love all the colors!!
  4. Ocmommy ~ Great Collection Sweetie!!!!!!:love:

    ***Beautiful Colors!!!!!
  5. WOW, how fantastic!!! Herbag mania!
    Congratulations, you have a bag for all seasons here.
  6. The orange one is soooo pretty! (Well I like all of them of course. :smile:)
  7. Bright and beautiful, I love the idea of the Herbag, one bag becomes many. Congrats on your collection!
  8. Once, when I was in NYC, on Madison, I spotted a herbag 'in action' on Madison and thought "how fabulous!" - Your collection reaffirms my reaction! I hope you continue to enjoy your lovely collection in the best of health!
  9. WOWZA! Lovely ladies in every way...The Orange and Red are my faves!
  10. Ooo I can't decide which one I like best. They are all fab! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous Collection :love: !!
    Congrats :yahoo:!!!
  12. They look amazing! I just bought a Herbag and am picking it up next week, I was a little unsure I was going to like it but you reaffirmed my decision. Thanks for posting your lovely bags

    Oh and how do you find switching them over? I hear it's a little tricky.

    I'm off to NY next week and am planning on picking up a twilly at Heathrow airport to give to my new bag, to welcome her home....LOL!
  13. Oh, they're so pretty!! What a great collection you have!!
  14. Love your collection, thankyou for sharing!
  15. Wow, I may have to visit the Herbag now! :yes: This is a great collection, for every single season. congratulations.

    Are the dark ones the same color, but different dimensions?