Pretty In Pink?Whatcha Think???

  1. Got a pic of this bag sent to me today...I asked the SA to send me the look at...I think I love it...LOL
    What do u all think?BE HONEST!!!LMAO!
  2. Too masculine IMO.
  3. I like the lines and the handles of the bag. The color might be throwing me off and the plate seems a bit too much. Maybe if that plate was on a more subdued bag like plain black.
  4. I think its casual and playful!

    But its not as glam as ur Chanels
  5. aah Jill thats the bag I want, but I think without the metal plate because I felt it made the bag too heavy. The only color they had the other one in was black and told me to check in in about a weeks time. What do you think of the size of it? If I remember correctly its slightly larger than the one without the plate.
  6. I really like it.
  7. Looks like they are copying Gucci and their "Star Ship Enterprise" Indy bags. Sorry doesn't work for me with that huge metal plate on the front. :tdown:
  8. no a fan.
  9. Im not feeling it, i loved the one you sent back with the studs
  10. Its very plain, yet unique and different. I'd have to see it on you, it might look great with your coloring.
  11. It doesn't look pink?
  12. Im gettin this bag along with others tomorrow..Will take pics and show u then!Yes,its pink that fades to grey
  13. I just got a picture from Prada in Beverly Hills and yes it is pink, I LIKEY!! I've been looking for a bag like this, do you know the price?
  14. its over 2000....LOL..go figure....heehee
  15. For me, it's too much metal and the shape is just not my favorite. Pink, I love.