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  1. I did a terrible job on my last reveal about an hour ago so I am re-doing was my first time!! A nice fellow tpf'er helped me. So here is my link to my photos:

    I love her!! This color is my personal favorite AND I work within Breast Cancer Awareness/Support so she is just perfect!
  2. Second after LV , pink is my love. :love:
    Congrats again on your lovely purchase ! :heart:
  3. Congrats! Love the pink!
  4. Love it!! so cute, the insolite is such a cool wallet.
  5. Congrats! such a pretty wallet!
  6. [​IMG]


    Congrats! Enjoy your new wallet :smile:
  7. Beautiful! Congrats :smile:
  8. Love the color :tup:
  9. I :heart: the pink. it's beautiful!
  10. WOW...really in love with the pink inside! COngrats!
  11. I totally :heart: the pink =) Congratz!
  12. Ooh ive just ordered one of these! Its lush!! Congrats
  13. beautiful wallet
  14. Wow! That's one very pretty wallet. Congrats!!
  15. Lovely! Congrats! Great color!