Pretty in Pink -Instant Reveal

I love this pink theme that's going on at the moment! We definitely all need a bit of bright colour in our lives 'cos it's so flipping grey outside! Lovely choices Laura
love it! i would have bought it too, but it's just way too big :/
so I emailed to mulberry asking them to possibly produce a smaller version :P customer service person said to forward the request to the design team! apparently small bayswater was produced due to feedback received from customers!
I got,the effie today! Very brave for me as the fuchsia purse was a huge leap a while ago for me!
I am a bit concerned reading other threads about her being thin leather and losing shape though, have you used her yet?
Thanks all, I absolutely love them.

Claire - Effie is definitely not made from as high a quality of leather as some of the more expensive satchels (for example, Daria). However, for the price of her I wouldn't expect her to be. I'm happy with the thickness of the leather and the structure. I'll be using her as an everyday 'work' bag when I want the pop of colour and she's well up to the job.

Unfortunately I've not had the chance to use her much this week due to the utterly torrential rain up here!