Pretty in (GGH bubblegum) pink?

Jan 5, 2010
I just got a 2008 GGH bubblegum pink part time (with feet!). Here's my dilemma: I loooove the leather on the bag (agneau that looks just like chevre!), but I just don't know if the color is for me. I'm normally a neutral kind of girl, but the shiny, smooshy, distressed leather on the bag roped me in. Any thoughts on the wearability of this color? I love the bag, so I don't want it to be doomed to a life spent in its dustbag! Thanks for your help!


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Apr 8, 2008
I have the same problem, I rarely wear my pastel bags, I find them really difficult to pair with actually anything. I am debating of selling them all away, as I feel dark and stormy colours suit me better.

i want them all
Jun 10, 2008
I am torn about this issue.

Most darker colors wear better and go with more outfits, so I tend to gravitate towards them. The only pastel bag I owned was 09 Lilac, which I sold a while ago. I felt like I would never use that bag, but now that summer's here and I'm wearing lighter clothes, I find myself yearning for it. I'm so conflicted! But I feel like Bubblegum will be a beautiful pop -- even in the Winter. Try her out with all-neytral outfits as other girls have said. I think you'll be glad you kept her :flowers:


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Jul 17, 2007
I just got a Bubblegum City and I'm a very boring dresser, color-wise. Typically I'll wear black/khaki/blue/white, so I figured the color would be perfect for my wardrobe! It'll make a nice pop of color, especially for the summer. All my other bags are black/brown/beige, so I'm hoping the BBG will be a perfect contrast for my wardrobe.

I'd give it a week, get dressed as you normally would, then hold up the bag to see if it would go. If, after a week, you find that it would clash more than match, then send it back. It's always tricky when we finally foray into the world of color, but since Balenciaga is known for their colors, I felt I had to get something other than black/blue/brown. Give it a chance!


Mrs. Lawson <3
Jul 21, 2008
I have an '08 Bubblegum GGH Day and I LOVE it! I'm with BagaholicAnon in that I tend to wear white/black/gray... a lot of neutrals, so all of my bags go with my clothes. I think Bubblegum is the perfect pink!


Dec 24, 2006
I used to have a 08 bubble gum ggh work with the same leather as yours but I sold it, as you can see in my avatar I am a pink girl but the was too Barbie and I sold a 09 rh lilac City because of fear I would ruin it.


Dec 13, 2008
^^^good idea!

I have the Framboise GGH City and debated buying it originally. I'm glad I did :tup:.
Although I'm not a young women I feel that I can still rock this color and have really enjoyed carrying it this spring.