Pretty Gucci sunglasses


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
IntlSet said:
Amanda, you don't like to wear contacts?

not really, and i really like how my glasses look on me. heh, and so does my boyfriend, he has a thing for glasses, he'd flip his **** if i stopped wearing them...

i've been considering getting some lately, though, because i really want a bunch of new sunglasses.


Us bound
Dec 9, 2005
I tried all of these and about a million others this past week! I was on a serious sunglasses hunt!! It's so hard to find a pair that are the right color, feels good on my face, LOOKS good on my face and has the design I want. I had a couple of Gucci contenders, but I ended up getting a pair of Pradas :love:

Oh and I like the first and the last pair!! ;)


Mar 2, 2006
Here we go..these but in tortiseshell
Mar 25, 2006
I love the pink also but I would get in brown or black for more everyday wear. I bought myself a pair of GG shades back in 2000. They had my prescription in them and I had the tint that faded from black to clear. Stupid me left my car doors unlocked and some creep ran sacked my car. Didn't take my sound system, but they stole my parking permit, Emcipation of MIMI cd, and MY GUCCI GLASSES!!! Not really much they can do with them since they have the scripts in em. The hassle of getting it changed may cost more than what they can afford since they steal.