Pretty Dumb Question But...I Need Your Opinions, Please

  1. Okay, I just got my Turquoise Ergo Tote with coordinating Wristlet. But...I am thinking of returning the wristlet and applying that money towards a Legacy Stripe Wristlet (a satin one from eBay) - it's just a little bit more $ than the Ergo. My question is: should I do that or just keep the Ergo Wristlet? Also, I want the Legacy Stripe Agenda, but don't know if I should just go for it since I can still get it w/PCE or hold off, as my wallet cannot REALLY afford it right now?!?! It is GORGEOUS, but I do have a planner (non-Coach, it's a "MOMAgenda") and the Legacy is still pretty pricey, even with the PCE?!?! What should I DO????? Should I just be happy with my Tote and Legacy Wristlet to satisfy my Legacy Stripe Craving?? Or....should I go BALLS OUT and get the Agenda and come up with the money SOMEHOW :graucho:
    IMG_2117.JPG IMG_2118.JPG IMG_2088.JPG
  2. How about just do the legacy stripe wristlet? Then you have the stripes to go inside your new tote and it won't cost you so much. The agenda is pretty but it is costly and I worried about it getting dirty with so much use. Congratulations on your new bag!
  3. I agree, maybe just the wristlet. I think there was one on eBay for a BIN of $59. I love the look of the agenda but I'd be afraid to wreck it so I use a simple Coach leather one.
  4. I personally love the coordinating ergo wristlet. I bought the same bag in the turquoise and wanted the wristlet, but sadly my store didn't have any left. I think they look stunning together.
  5. i agree, the wristlet is better on the pockets, if there is an outlet near you, they have some legacy wallet thingys for about $70
  6. That is exactly what I SHOULD do...and probably WILL do.
    Okay then, so WHICH wristlet: they have different stripe placements. Call me anal...I have to have one with the pond stripe AND punch/magenta stripe on it!! The first one (on the left), I can get IMMEDIATELY. The second one is iffy, I can BID on it but it may go higher than the first one I can get w/BIN. I like the stripes on the second one a little more, but I would NOT be happy if I ended up having to pay a lot more to get it. So...what would YOU do??? Does the striping pattern really matter that much?!!? I can't decide.
    LegacyWristlet.jpg LegacyWristletA.jpg
  7. I like the wrislet on the right and also, I LOVE that you've added this pretty purse to your collection...awesome color and very hip for summer :nuts:
  8. I think it depends on your personal taste about the color of the stripes. They both have prominent pink stripes which I personally like the best. If the BIN is reasonable, I'd probably go for it rather than risk ending up with a higher price for the second. You could check the completed auctions to get a sense of whether prices are still retail or higher for these. My sense is they are probably around retail.
  9. I just saw a turquoise ergo wallet on eBay --- would match your bag to a T!
  10. I like the wristlet on the right the best, too (slightly). BUT...the one on the left I can get for $66 (plus shipping). The other one...not sure what it'll end up at?!?! I don't want to pay a LOT more than that - you know?!!? I think I've seen completed listings anywhere from $60 to over $70.
  11. Hi Purse-O-Nality! I like the wristlet on the right. Regarding the legacy stripe agenda--I don't know if this is going to help you or not (i.e., if you want the smaller version), but I'm hoping to get my hands on the 4X7 version of it. I emailed customer service and told me that it was available. I'm going to order it through the boutique this afternoon when I pick up my turquoise ergo (thanks for your help with that, btw!). It's still $168, but with PCE, it will be cheaper.

  12. i had the same problem w/the choice of stripes. i was never happy so i missed out on that same wristlet, just because i didn't want to shell out extra for the exact one i wanted on ebay. . . tough decision
  13. you REGRET not getting the other one? Should I just get the less expensive one that is GUARANTEED or wait and take my chances with the one I like a little better!??! Who knows...maybe I"ll like the cheaper one even more IRL?!?!?

    EmilyAnne....thanks for the info on the smaller agenda. I wouldn't mind a smaller one - especially if it's cheaper. Do you happen to know the style # on it??
  14. Sure--It's style #60061. :yes: Let's both get one!!