Pretty Coach Sandals

  1. I just saw both of these sandals on the Coach Web site and I'm in love! :love: I love the blue stripe wedge sandals and the black python thongs. The gold is gorgeous, but I recently bought a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats in gold.

    Must resist the urge to splurge :shame:


  2. The wedges are SO SO Florida!! WOO HOO!! The other thongs i would wear in gold in a heartbeat! Very cute. Thanks for sharing.
  3. love the black python!
  4. I love those, I want to get the gold pair!!
  5. Cristina!! Now you've made me want them too!!
    Love the gold thongs...augh...must not spend!
  6. They look great! I like Coach shoes, much more than the new styles of bags they are coming out with :yucky:. IMO, Coach has become overrated and trendy. I miss and love their old styles though.
  7. I love Coach sandals. I have a few pairs and they are my favorite! I like the blue stripe wedges too.
  8. I have a couple pair of Coach's leather sandals that I've owned for 3 years. They still look brand new.

    Honestly, I would never spend money on their non leather products.

  9. Yeah, both pairs are so Florida and summery! The wedges are perfect for my annual Keys trip :graucho:

    Faith - I have three pairs of Coach sandals, and they're my favorite shoes, too :smile: They're extremely comfortable and can be casual or dressed up. Very versatile!
  10. Very nice thanks alot for sharing!