pretty calcaire twiggy on ebay with $1075 BIN

  1. Oh, I love this bag!!! I hope it's real! Thanks for the heads up, chigirl!
  2. It looks alot like Dusty Rose, I always thought Calcaire was very light
  3. Looks more like pale rose
  4. I'm pretty sure it is calcaire. The leather looks like the calcaire leather (in terms of texture).
  5. Love this bag! Was thisclose to hitting that BIN but I had second thoughts about the light leather...stains & dirt EEK!
  6. so it is likely authentic? just in case someone reads this post and wants to bid.
  7. That bag id def calcaire and authentic. Calcaire is the most beautiful light beige color with a hint of pink. I'm still kicking myself for passing on a calcaire city when they first came out. Why can't it be a city...
  8. It is soo pretty!

    I absolutely love the Calcaire and texture. However, I agree with the color being finicky to take care of. I want a bag I could use everyday and not worry too much. I would panic everytime I put it on the floor.

    Im pretty sure it's authentic, it's a beautiful collection piece to use occasionally! Heeh.=)
  9. This is sooo nice!!! I really love this color and it's a twiggy too. If I wasn't trying to save money right now I might have hit the bin.

    About the light color...I wonder if apple guarding it with several coats would prevent it from getting all dirty and nasty.
  10. i love this color... its authentic and calcaire too. gorgeous! like a seashell :love:

    maybe i could get it to grow up into a work? maybe if i gave it miracle grow... or mega-vitamins!
  11. I :love: this color!! Wish I didn't need to save money :sad: