Pretty Blue Bags II

  1. Last spring there was a Pretty Blue Bags thread that I referred to constantly!
    It's nearing spring again, and I'm feeling the urge for more blue bags :love: so I'm starting a junior thread. Post pics of blue bags - doesn't matter which brand or price point - that you find when you're browsing around.
  2. 7 for All Mankind at Revolve:

    Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Night Blue:
  3. Here's my Hayden Harnett Nico XX Hobo in Ink! I can't drag the pic here, sorry. Here's an attachment.
    Hayden Harnett, Nico XX Hobo, Ink.JPG
  4. [​IMG]
    Foley and Corinna Mini City Tote
  5. Marc Jacobs Parker, although, I think it's lavender. But it looks blue.

    My Gryson Josey:
  6. Here are my two blue bags that I ADORE! :love:
    blue_lax.jpg botkier.jpg
  7. Here are two of mine. The first is the Ditch bag by Morgan Oakley, the second is the Olympus by Alexis Hudson.


  8. ^^

    You did get the baby ditch!! How do you like it? I love mine.
  9. It's not here yet! I ordered it from Blue Elephant in Austin and can't wait for it to arrive.
  10. Wow guys! those are really pretty blue bags you girls got there! Very jealous and happy for you guys at the same time. =D

    I was close to having a really pretty blue colored bag too. But unfortunately it didn't work out for me when I got it. I walked around with it at my house for hours and looking at different angles. So sad it didn't work =(.
  11. Rebecca Minkoff Plan B, Tryst clutch, and Matinee in Ocean:

  12. Hayden Harnett Lorca and Hudson hobo in Lagoon

  13. Where did you find that Matinee? I haven't seen that color yet!!!