Pretty as a picture...

  1. What do you think of these? I think they are all sooooooo HOT!
    all lorenzis.jpg
  2. oh wow thats cool
  3. Love.....
  4. WOW! They're pretty!
  5. I want every single pair of those shoes!
  6. cool!
  7. Oh wow. Very pretty. What designer?
  8. LOVELY!!!! My toes hurt just looking at them...but my lord they are gorgeous!
  9. Giamarco Lorenzi - makes some fabulous heels, doesn't he?

  10. wow, gorgeouss. I love to have them all
  11. oooo, those are so pretty! Me want! :drool: :nuts:
  12. You too? Thats EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this pic !

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