Pretty Angry re: Service

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  1. I brought a monogram pochette i've had for about 15 years to be fixed at my local LV about 4 weeks ago. The strap split in two. My mom bought it for me at Macys in NYC and it was my first designer purse. she's now passed. Obviously the bag means A LOT to me.

    Since the bag is from the 1990's the strap was set up differently- it was attached to the tab that connects the zipper to the bag. I hope this makes sense.

    When I brought it to LV, I explained to the SA that i wanted a new strap. she needed to check with the manager because it was connected to the tab. she said no problem, it would need to be sent out and would cost $70. Her shift ended, so she said another SA would help me check out.

    The new SA gave me my paperwork to sign and I asked if while the strap was being fixed, if they could give me a new tab as well so the patinas matched. He said sure, same price since it's part of the strap and redid my paperwork.

    Well.... I got a phone call yesterday from a 3rd SA saying my bag was ready and she "just wanted to let me know" that i could also buy a NEW STRAP for $91. I said I'm very confused, I was under the impression thats why I sent the bag away? she said all they did was replace the tab and not the strap and I could have purchased the strap in store. I explained that I asked for the strap to be replaced and wanted the tab as an addition for convenience and was quoted $70. She said my receipt said tab only and there was nothing she could do.

    Long story short I am going to see the manager on Saturday. I'm PISSED. Why would I send a bag away for a month that has such sentimental value if I could have had it done in the store? And why was I quoted the incorrect amount? I think the mix up happened when the SA's switched.
  2. first, my condolence..i bet you misses your mom. so sorry that you have to deal with this drama. it was unprofessional for the first SA to leave just bc her shift was over and i bet you the 2nd SA messed up your paperwork when u requested for a new tab. i hope they make it right, keep us updated.
  3. I hope they straighten this out for you! I would be pissed too. Much condolences go out to you!!!
  4. I'm really sorry about this. I bet it happened because it got transferred to a different SA in the middle of the paperwork.

    There's really not much you can do besides get them to fix it correctly and get on down the road. This LV is really special to you and when it does get fixed its going to be wonderful again and you'll have that memory of your Mother in your hands again.

    So sorry this happened. :cry:

  5. I totally agree but I am going to insist they give me a free strap. I think it's ridiculous that I'd have to pay more than twice what i originally was quoted.

    Thank you for your sweet words- it means a lot and i wish i didn't have to deal with this!
  6. I would like to send my condolences and I'm sorry that the experience was so frustrating. It's tough enough having to part with something so sentimental but to also have It done incorrectly must be very stressful. I hope they resolve this issue for you!
  7. Sorry to hear this. I really hope things get sorted soon
  8. i went to the store and had it sorted out! i am very happy with the service and because of that i didn't leave empty handed!
  9. Op, I'm so glad everything worked out for you. Sorry about your lost. What a great gift from your mom.