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  1. It looks ok to me. Perhaps post the bag in an auth thread too.
  2. Has anyone ever purchased from Interested in a Fendi agenda on their site, but don't know much about them or if they even sell authentic items.
  3. Is a reputable website selling authentic designer handbags? Anyone?
  4. please - before posting- always try to use the search function, first.

    then you will find posts about this site !
  5. Yes, they sell original things. I have bought from them twice. A Fendi bag and a Gucci Scarf. Both original and very beautifully packed. I loved their packaging. A friend of mine, bought some Kenneth Jay Lane and was so excited that told me about them. They are really good. I suggest it!
  6. It certainly looks like a legitimate company, the quality of their website seems too high for a small scale scam. Additionally a quick google search reveals that they are part of the LSM SA group, which has 'Pret-a-beaute' as a registered trademark. Finally their apparent CEO Lyberis Lyberopoulos has her own linked-in page, which I imagine she would not if she was indeed selling counterfeit goods.

    All of this would be rather unlikely if the website were just a cut and run counterfeiting concern.
  7. Any active member who purchased here recently or have experienced buying with this site? I really wanted something and its hard to know for sure. The site looks very legit. I want to hear on hand experiences. TIA.
  8. help! i want to authenticate this bag :sad:
  9. Hi and welcome! Do you have more info about the bag? a link?
  10. It looks legit to me and majority ruled it is ok.
  11. Their customer support is awful, plus it seems they are based in greece , where i sent my return. I will never buy again for sure no trasparency at all when you have problems with an item