Prestons, Momma and Baby (no more)

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  1. She is so dramatic....


    Mmm, smells like Coach!

    Well, what'da think?! Um...

    You can almost hear her singing....


    Her fave part, Mod shots! LOL!




    I think she's happy! :smile: More pics to come of mine!
  2. Fantastic!!!
  3. This is my favorite post of the week! She is adorable. I love how her shirt matches her new Preston!
  4. Here it is! I think the handles are shorter than the colorblock bag and have to decide about it on the shoulder now....






  5. Your daughter is too cute!
  6. Ahhh that black and white is soooo gorgeous.
  7. Love the black and white preston and just LOVE your daughter's Coach enthusiasm!!!
  8. Your daughter is such a ham! She's so cute! I love all the photos. You can really see the size difference between the two. Both colors are gorgeous. I love the black and white too but I wish it had a slightly bigger handle drop. It looks great on you.
  9. Love it!! Love both bags and your daughter is just too cute! Congrats!
  10. Great pics! Ya'll are so cute!!!
    Twins on the edgepaint!!!! Love it
  11. So cute! Love the mod pics!
  12. Hilarious! This is so cute! I'm not sure about the shoulder drop either. However, I did notice that the ecru/seamist they had in the store worked much better on the shoulder than the one I ordered. It seemed noticeably softer so I'm hoping maybe they soften/slouch with use making shoulder wear easier.
  13. Congrats to both of you!! :smile:
  14. Omg the pictures are too cute!! Your daughter looks so happy. The bag is perfect for her! Both bags are very nice ... Congrats to you both. Perfect choices.
  15. Now that's a reveal! Love her enthusiasm and her excitement was priceless!

    The black is stunning but agree I wish they'd just give a bit more strap drop on some of the satchels...just a tiny adjustment would make many so much more versatile.