Preston Owners: Does the bag flop over...

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  1. if it is not full or does it retain shape and stay standing up? This is for the full size. Also do the zippers work smoothly or drag? Thanks
  2. I have the black/white and it retains it's shape no matter how full or not full it is. Zippers work just fine. :smile:
  3. Same here no flop whatsoever and zippers work perfect :smile:
  4. My graphite one stays upright and zippers work great. It's a fairly structured bag.
  5. My graphite retains its shape. My zippers were a little rough but I used the trick of rubbing wax paper on them and after I used the bag for a couple of days they were fine.
  6. Same with my edgepaint in ecru/seamist!
  7. My pink ruby stands up great. The zipper is a little rough though, I'll try the wax paper
  8. Nope, not at all! Stays its shape just fine. Zippers are a breeze to open and close!