Preston or Pippa?

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  1. Haven't been able to let myself return black/white regular size Preston yet, but in the meantime I've looked around to see if there's another black bag with contrast trim that would be a better fit for me. The mini Preston is too small.

    I found this Kate Spade mini Pippa today - it's called "mini" but it holds more than I need, so size-wise, it's good. The regular size Preston is pretty large on me but looks ok carried by hand or on the arm. And the handles on the Pippa fold down when you carry it by the longer strap, whereas the Preston handles stick up and it actually looks kinda huge on me when I wear it by the longer strap. I actually saw a girl carrying this Pippa bag in the mall and asked her if she liked it. After she raved about it, I decided to consider it since it was on sale.

    I know this is the Coach forum but do you like the Preston or the Pippa and why? For reference, I'm 5'3", 135ish.

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  2. I like the pippa. Very cute!
  3. I like the preston more because it is less bulky on top and more sleek.
  4. Thanks! One vote for each - keep 'em comin'!
  5. Ooooh, Pippa is adorable! I think Pippa would be my choice.
  6. I like the style of Preston better. I actually want the one you have.

    But which one feels better for you?
  7. Here's a stock photo of the mini Pippa worn crossbody.

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  8. Well I like both - the functionality of the Preston is the only thing holding me back. I feel like the only way it looks good on me is handheld or on the arm. The Pippa looks good with the strap too. I love the leather on the Preston too. So I just don't know...
  9. Pippa! I own it in this color, I'm carrying it right now for spring. I love this bag! It's not heavy, fits everything I carry and it's a perfect size. That Preston is a little too large for me.

  10. Fantastic -feedback from someone who has it!! Thank you. Do you use the strap a lot or take it off and only use it when you need it?
  11. Pippa! I can't afford ANY bags right now, but I do got the KS website and drool over several bags. :biggrin:
  12. I haven't used the strap yet, I roll it up and carry it in the bag in case I need it. I carry it either hand-held or on my arm.
  13. That's probably what I'd do too!

    The one other bag I looked at was the midnight/white Grove Court Maise. Kindof similar to the look of the Preston - but larger than the mini and smaller than the regular size. And the handles fold down.

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  14. I prefer the pippa shape to the large Preston (the mini is adorable though!). And I like this contrast. The Preston's double zippers are slightly annoying to deal w/ for me. And the large looks too big to me.
  15. [
    I think they're annoying too, but I rarely zip them so it doesn't bother me much. And you're right - the large Preston is a good-sized bag. I feel like it's a little bit overwhelming on me. The Kate Spade Maise is a much better dome satchel size. It holds a lot more than the mini Preston. But it's navy/white, not black/white or black/tan. Not that it matters - I could do either.