Pressure to use high end vs "less" high end?

  1. This might sound strange but do you ever feel the pressure to carry more of your high end collection even if your favorite bags are actually the less expensive ones?? For me it's a weird psychological thing that happens sometimes. I have some Coach bags that I just love, but then I look at my Paddy or LV and think.....well, I better use those instead.

    Does anyone else ever feel like this? I hope you don't think I am nuts for asking this. giselle
  2. i know what you are saying but i don't own any high end bags just yet

    however i do know that people at work expect me to have a coach or other 'expensive' brand
    like one time we went out to dinner and i took my Gucci that's about 3 years old at this pont and the a little bigger than a wristlet, I get treated as if I'm rolling in money when they all know how little i make
  3. Mine tends to be the reverse. The more expensive it is, the more hesitant I am to use it. That is until I got into LV. It's just too ridiculous to not use a bag that cost more than $500. Why buy it then, know what I mean?
  4. Sometimes when I go out for dinner I take a simple clutch ... but I feel like I should bring a more flashy -- ie "expensive" -- bag.
  5. No pressure whatsoever. My everyday bag is a The Sak leather hobo that I picked up for around $50 on sale.

    While I appreciate a nice high-end bag (the Fendi Spy at Sam's Club was beautiful), I also sold enough "designer bags" to know that a great deal of the "allure" is just marketing and hype. A lot of these bags are expensive because they HAVE to be to fall in the "designer" category, and because they can get away with it. As long as women will buy without thinking, the market will be there.

    Buy what you like and stuff the snobbery.
  6. No pressure here either. I just carry what looks/feels good to me and go!
  7. Not really, i use most of my bags and love them equally. Although i don't have any Coach, i do have one Bebe purse and one from Aldo. I carry them just like my LVs
  8. No absolutley not - I decide which handbag to carry depending on my mood that day, what I am wearing, weather etc-. If a less high end purse goes with the outfit then that is the one that gets carried.
  9. Thanks ladies, loved your answers! It's very odd for me to feel that pressure because I don't in any other area of my life at all. In fact, I usually go against the grain on purpose.

    Maybe it's because its the one area of my life that I splurge, or maybe I have let the message of advertising get to me!

    In any case, I luv, luv, luv, a beatiful bag no matter what the name! giselle
  10. Not really. Then again, I don't like my less expensive purses anymore so I gave them away (donated) or sold them. :smile:
  11. Sometimes it's the opposite for me. I feel odd carrying my nicer bags when I'm just running out to the store or something. Sometimes I don't feel like I go to enough nice places to "justify" having nice designer bags, if that makes sense. For instance, I have a choo ramona and a Tods Dbag, both of which would be the right size to carry to work, but I am afraid of them getting scuffed/dirty so I end up carrying my leather tote from the coach outlet every day, because I don't feel as bad about it getting beat up. But then that feels stupid because I paid so much for the nice bags I should be carrying them more and getting some use out of them.
  12. I tend to leave the more expensive in the closet. After reading this I will take them out. All of my bags look like the day I purchased them I hate scuffs and stains they would make me toss them.
  13. coz i tell me friends about my new bags, they ask that I bring it so they can look.. but for now, I have been using my blue kate spade and that is still good coz I still get lots of compliments about the bag.. now, if it was the balenciaga, I bet I would get tons more..... oh I do use my really nice bags when my bf is around so he is reminded of what he will be marrying into when we get married.. hahah..
  14. No.
  15. well, im starting to truly appreciate my high end bags more due to the quality of the bags. i mainly like the bags that do not have major logos all over it.. so i use my bbags or chanels (that only have one not too obvious logo-- the classic flap is just ONE CC logo anyways teehee).. i don't use my LV or fendis as often now cuz it's too obvious. but to me, its the quality and design.