Pressed for a BH...

  1. Im meeting the person selling me a 6 month old BH tomorrow.. im so anxious i see it in my sleep!
    does anyone like this bag as much as i do??? i feel like a hopeless case of wanting and wanting the BH! :sweatdrop:
  2. I've had mine since March and I LOVE it! It is pretty much my every day bag. So much room for everything and so easy and comfy to carry. It is actually a bag that I would buy another of if it ever gets old and yucky. You'll love yours!
  3. It's a really cute bag! I like it!

  4. i agree! i ended up getting this bag too and i thought i'd carry it once in awhile but its my everyday work bag/weekend shopping bag..its a good style not too many people have it!

    i still havent seen anyone else carry a BH when i go out! i see TONNES of speedys and other styles all the time..u wont regret it!
  5. I love my BH too, although I don't get to use it as much as my speedies. It is a great everyday bag. It can be carried on the shoulder or handheld. It holds tons of stuff and draws lots attention with its beautiful monogram canvas, at least I did when I carried it. You will love it too.
  6. I'd love to have one but had a friend who lost her cell phone out of hers while on vacation. I know how I toss my bags around so I guess I better stick with zippered ones for everyday bags. I think the BH is a fab choice tho! Hope it is as fab in person as you expect!!
  7. i agree w/ everyone else... the BH is a great bag. but personally, for me, i found it to be a little too wide. i had to be extra careful not to bump into things. and the vertical is too long, and looks awkward on me.

    i ended up selling mine, but i kinda miss it. knowing me, i'll probably buy it again a few months down the line... lol. i am replacing my BH with a popincourt haut, though. i just preferred something a little smaller, and more structured.
  8. yea ive tried it on every single time im in the boutique, either i walk away with nothing or something else!

    now im definitely getting it! im thinking itll be great as a replacement for my mini lin speedy! i need to put that one on break for now! hahaha!
  9. I love the BH! I'm planning to buy one for my mom for her birthday!
  10. I love my new BH!:yahoo:
  11. :lol: Enjoy! Very very exciting getting a new bag.
  12. It's a great bag, so comfortable and wearable:yes: Agree what mlowran about the risk of phone falling out if you're not careful, just make sure you don't tip it over...
  13. U wont regret getting it.. i brought mine out today for the very FIRST time and I simply love her... great shoulder bag for putting lotsa stuffs.... :tender:
  14. wow... i dint even think of that... i have a pretty thick cellphone, so i hope itll be nice and snug like it is with my azur saleya pm! but ill definitely be careful! Thanks!!

    hmm.. i wonder if my speedy will fit in the BH... HAHAHA! i want to carry both!
  15. It's a lovely bag ;)