Presold a black Phoebe at Saks...

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  1. Love the Phoebe! It's SUPER cute! It goes over the shoulder which is AWESOME! Plus you can detach the straps to make it a clutch.

    I wanted to tell you all..........:tup::tup:

    Also I tried on the Meredith at Saks - it's HUGE IRL.
    So I'm not too sure. I love the Nina size-wise but hate the chain strap :tdown::tdown:

    Argh! I only liked the Phoebe in Black but I'm lusting after the slate color!!!

    Also I saw a Avery in Rose at Saks a couple of weeks back and it really is a fantastic big bag. I loved the way it fit over the shoulder. Beautiful color in that bag too.

    and nope! I'm not selling ANYTHING in this post :rolleyes:
  2. ^^^
    LOL, this could have been my post...feel exactly the same about all the bags you've listed, the chain on the Nina would annoy me and I'm lusting after a Phoebe in black, but I'm in love with the Slate colour...

    Also really wondered how the Avery fit over the shoulder, so thanks for that info
  3. Are these bags available online yet?Sorry i am confused!
  4. Yep Belini...they've been out for weeks now. Go to or NM to see them.
    I had a feeling the Meredith was huge.