Presidents' Day?

  1. How is my favorite thread? Hehe. I haven't been around in (what seems like) a long time. I don't really have the time to search around (silly school and boyfriend obligations). ANYWAY! I was wondering if anyone knew about a possible Presidents' Day sale at the outlets. If this has been discussed, I'm so, so sorry. I just really haven't been able to be around for more than 5 minutes here, 10 there...
  2. Last year I remember there being a good sale and am hoping there is one this year as well.
  3. When is Presidents Day? *feels dumb* And do we just call the outlets to find out if there's a sale?
  4. It's Monday- Feb. 19th! I'm sure if you call the outlets they can tell you if there's a sale. There are always big sales for President's day, I would guess that the answer is yes, but I would still call.
  5. i wonder if the sale would be over that weekend, too?
  6. How good of a sale are we talking about here?
  7. Last year the sale started the Thursday before and went through Monday. I was there Thurs, Sat and Sunday last year!
  8. awesome!!! I'll be able to go!!! saturday and sunday!!;)
  9. What is the other big sale day typically at the outlets? Was it Labor day?
  10. woodbury starts that friday
  11. I got an email from the outlets for the presidents day sale to run from the 16 to the 19.
  12. Purse, how did you get on that list? Thanks.

  13. I don't think the Tanger outlets have this, but I get messages from the Chelsea Premium outlets about the sales they're having (since we go to MA a few times a year, I occassionally get to the Wrentham Coach outlet, so I signed up to get notices from that center). Those sales seem to sync up with the Tanger outlets (that's actually what I've been using to figure out when sales were going on in Lancaster). Here's the link:

    Chelsea Premium Outlets

    Just sign up in the "VIP" section.
  14. OK, thanks.
  15. I called the outlet in San Marcos just a few minutes ago to see if they would be having a sale for Presidents Day and the girl told me they never know. She said corporate calls them that morning to tell them to put on a sale, or take one off. So I guess I'll have to call them the day I go out there to find out if they're having one or not. *bleh*