President's Day Twitter Sale

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  1. Got the tweet but can't get in....anybody else? Not that I really want to order right now, I'm just curious what kind of "sale" it is....
  2. i just checked and was able to get in, PIM. maybe refresh?

    newmans for $112. lily for $108. clarice for $55.60. corrinne for $99. yam burke for $238. yam franklin $228. great deals, especially if you have groupons!

    extra 10% off if paying by paypal.
  3. groupons don't work. I tried.
  4. bummer. i guess that makes sense, eye. they're already severely discounted.
  5. eh, I'm in.....still not a bad price for the newman or lilly...but I'll wait.....
  6. Emile Indexer wallets for US$54.88 in grape, slightly more for the other colours.

    I'd love to get the grape but with shipping it wouldn't be worth it.
  7. :sleepy:
  8. ^ lol. There are a few good deals, but I'm not tempted by any of them. Yay!
  9. well this was good for me:smile:. I had a cognac Lilly in my cart yesterday and never got around to pulling the trigger - and now it's even cheaper!
  10. If they have a blue Clarice pop up (for $55), I'd be in. Other than that it is the same old, same old.
  11. I totally agree. I have the petit points blue weekender, and I'd love the matching Clarice. But I will say that my weekender weighs a TON. It is ok if you dont' have to carry it, but the last time I flew with it, I was like forget doing this again! Waaaay too heavy. I'm back to my Maldives for that, but wish I had a prettier one. Mine is black which is great for not getting stained, but not as good for fashion LOL.
  12. Dang them for making me want to order a newman!!!
  13. Pretty decent sale!
  14. I didn't see that they say you can't use a Groupon but I'm holding off on the same old same matter how much I love the black Corrine (the cognac is going to be enough for me)