Presidents day sale at outlets?

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  1. Hey everyone!! Anyone know if the outlets are going to be running any kind of presidents day sales? Im hoping to go down then, unless I have to watch one of my sisters kids.

  2. OO Good question! I wonder if they will. When I call my outlet later I'll try to remember to ask them about it. Not that I need to go, I need to stay AWAY!
  3. I'm guessing they might be doing the 10% off coupons (non-clearance items) like they did over the MLK holiday earlier this month....

    Any SAs know yet?
  4. maybe they'll do the additional 10% :yes:
  5. Let me know if there will be a sale. Ask again about the Sabrinas when you call. We don't want to be forgotten! (I'd call today, but I've called everyday, several times a day, about the Peyton's!)