President Bush is not a good comedian

  1. I was just watching the news with Vlad and we couldn't help but die laughing at the President's awful timing for a sunglasses joke... A reporter from California was at a cloudy outside press conference and Prez Bush joked to him that he didn't need sunglasses when it wasn't sunny outside- The man behind the shades is blind. Yikes.

    I felt so bad for Bush!! He just didn't know!!!!!!! But it was so funny to see on TV :lol:

    Link Here
  2. "Mission Accomplished!"
  3. Have you ever seen Letterman's Great Presidential Speeches? I love it. Starts off with really great speeches from Presidents Johnson and Kennedy and ends with Dub-ya saying something really stupid. Like that comment above. He's not funny he needs to stay focused.
  4. Unfortunately, this is standard operating procedure for him. He likes to make fun of people (banter with them) as he thinks this endears him to the press. The psychology of his behavior is analogous to being in a fraternity as he looks for approval from his "brothers."
  5. p.s. I think the reporter handled himself with dignity and grace.
  6. "it depends on your perspective" :cool:
  7. True...IMHO.
  8. That's just unprofessional.. but then again, he's president and I'm not (rats !).
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    LOL! Insert foot in mouth and chew slowly :P
  10. Bush is in Seattle this morning....$10,000 for a photo op.
  11. Bush..hmm[​IMG]..I don't know where to begin
  12. in case you missed it, they made fun of him for doing that on the Daily Show last night.
  13. oy.... ouch. I feel bad for bush.
  14. Yeah, that must have been embarassing!