President Bush bought Laura a Purse?!

  1. I did a quick search on tPF before posting this but if it lies somewhere on the forum, please let me know... the AP reported that President Bush bought Laura a silver tray and a purse for Christmas but did not say what kind of purse... any guesses? Any inside knowledge? Could it be that George got his DW a Kelly?! Something in an LV? I'm fascinated!!
  2. She looks like a LV Alma carrier, or perhaps Hermes...:smile:
  3.! I would love to know what it is too!
  4. I can't see her carrying LV... I'm thinking she would carry something leather, traditional and understated like Hermes or Mulberry. Maybe even Chanel :shrugs:...
  5. Laura looks like a Hermes lady. Definitely nothing with logos.
  6. I see a Birkin or Chanel.
  7. Bush buying something from... France!? What happened to freedom?
    I'm dying to find out what he got for her for a laugh.
  8. Touche... for logos, I was referring to a Nomade or perhaps Epi. Not Monogram.
  9. I could see her with a Kelly. A Birkin doesn't really fit with my image of her, somehow.
  10. I agree re: Hermes. I just can't see her with logos- I see her w/ classic lines, leather, and ladylike. Possibly Chanel, but a classic flap, I would guess, rather than any kind of tote, etc.
  11. My guess would be something by an American designer. Maybe a Marc Jacobs???

    Would someone like to volunteer to email the White House and find out??? I mean inquiring minds really want to know!!!!! hahahaha
  12. I don't see Bush as a man savvy on handbag fashion, so I'm going to go with a bag any man with a limitless wallet, lots of soirées and functions to attend, and an in-the-know SA would get his wife: a Judith Leiber.

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: That is just too funny!!! I agree that he is probably not too fashion savvy!!!! Who knows, may Condi Rice did his shopping and she does like her shoes!!!!
  14. ^^^Hmmm....that would be my guess too.
  15. F - I bet you are right - Judith Leiber is my guess too :smile: So, who's calling D.C. to find out? :graucho: