Not a clue...won't open them until tomorrow...but we are keeping it small we shop all year. So we decided to teach our daughters it is better to give than receive. We used to make them donate their time to helping others that were less fortunate but they haven't had the time to do that lately. If they are still smiling tomorrow they will get a few things next month.
I got a really nice surprise gift from my husband, the guccissima medium brown horsebit hobo. He had already given me the whiskey paddy so I wasn't expecting anything more. And not only that but he also told me he ordered the red Novak for our third anniversary which is coming up in a few weeks. :love:
An ugly purse I am going to return! Never again will I ask for a purse for x-mas. :suspiciou This is the same reason I do not ask for clothing. No one understands my style...they get me their style of stuff.
I got...

-A python for cleaning out my aquariums
-Earrings that I am returning for some lighter weight ones (I could stand wearing them...they just are heavy!)
-2 "All that I Am" by Santana (gotta return one and get another...LOL!)
-A beanie (w00t!)
-Headphones because I needed some new ones
-A cute "Dots" microbead pillow because I love that candy! :amuse:
-An ugly purse that I am returning :sick:
-A hastings gift card
-Fuzzy slippers LOL!...I mean fuzzy!!!

I still have gifts left to open though...something from my brother tomorrow because he is coming tonight and we haven't gotten something for him because we thought he was coming much later and would get a good deal on the after x-mas sales. :Push: I also have the huge family gift giving to do. I know I will get something super nice...a super rich and generous family member got my name. The mother has nice taste in clothing so I am expecting something cute like that. ;) Now all I am wondering is what car they will drive to the gift exchanging thing at my grandparents house. Probably some sort of a BMW...last year was a hummer.